Blank Space Option

It stares back at you — it’s glare so bright you need sunglasses— that blank page where no words want to go.

The Blank Page

It happens.

It happens a lot.

Here’s a solution when time won’t let you daydream into a great idea.

Use pixabay plugin lets you easily choose pictures. And that picture is your chance for a fun freewrite, quick story, or thoughtful poem.

Just follow the pixabay plugin link and follow directions.


I searched for, of course, “Blank Page.”

ArtsyBee / Pixabay


White, it glared and stared—

this blank page waiting for my words;

Pulling at my eyes of blue

Daring me, controlling me,

But I, with a blink of my eye

and tilt of my head

Saw the faintest blue dot:

a spot where none had been,

lift up and out in gentle wings

Of soft blue,

hovering, floating, and drawing

out the summer blossoms

of Grandmother’s garden:

a favorite of butterflies,

and now my muse

for words I choose.


~ Sheri Edwards

And that’s it: a post of imagination; a story or poem to share; a chance to write with no boundaries, except a picture prompt of inspiration.



Share one of yours in the comments here!





This is a continuation of #blogging28 and my February Goals.

Today I was to check out my blog roll, choose one of my blogging colleagues and read, comment, and discuss.

One writing teacher colleague I admire is Deanna Mascle; her blog share’s many ideas and strategies, and like me, she doesn’t like the red pen of shame —- she encourages the positive of what the writer can do more of in their writing.

I read Deanna Mascle’s Post on Why? Write with led me to her list of wonderful prompts, which you could choose when that blank page hits you. I added this post as another option.

Thank you, Deanna, for your continuous inspiration.