Momentum Part Six: Goals Calendar

How are you feeling about your momentum after the fantastic #blogging28 challenge? We’ll have our ups and downs, slow downs, and energized ideas, but we will keep going.

To build momentum, some ways to try:

In Blogging Momentum, I shared a calendar of ideas for keeping my momentum using those ideas. I wrote a blog post for each. In the image above, I revised the Connections section to include: Build Community: A PLN, Personal Learning Neighborhood. It’s something I noticed missing in my reflection, but which I had meant to include, and did in my post on Connections.

And on my calendar, I added the icons for each Momentum Category:

Click for Larger Image

Click here for Google Spreadsheet Calendar to Copy/Revise your own.

Now the calendar represents the momentum building ideas for the series of posts. There are days for:

  • Topics: Gathering, Writing, Posting, Sharing, and Creating Images of Ideas
  • Social: Adding blogroll, categories, or commenting and sharing, creating quote images, acknowledging others
  • Connections: extended comments for conversation, invitations to others, acknowledgements / appreciations, checking blogroll blog buddies
  • Reflection: of posts, by creating images, setting goals, appreciations

As you can see, there’s a bit of overlap between them, depending on how the activity is achieved. If I’ve been in a conversation through blog posts with other bloggers on a topic, then my posts are building a connectedness, not just a post. If I carry my comment between blogs, Twitter, and my own blog, then I’ve also developed a connectedness that is more than a simple sharing out of ideas.

I may not achieve all I want, but I have a plan that I invite you to join in to extend #blogging28 and combine with other hashtags.

One of the topics I found while reflecting on the past week is the idea of curation– how do I organize and save the information of my research or others’ blog posts?

That will be my next series — a short one on the strategies I use to extend the ideas shared about gathering topics and using social media to obtain ideas. I hope you join me with your strategies.

Next Steps

What are you next steps?

Did you set goals, make a plan, create a calendar, make a list?

Are you considering ideas for your classroom, sharing strategies, considering research?

Let’s do this #blogging28 community!

This part of the #blogging28 community resulting from the challenge by Edublogs.