About Word Count

Yesterday I wrote and posted an animated poem about the constraints of word counts– using 150 words.

I didn’t get to say, that it was Wendy’s tweet that sent me thinking about this.

Her post, Word Count, began the considerations for the pros and cons of constraints — it does require thought, revision, imagination, creativity, and a bit of frustration to limit the number of words a person can write to explain something. I loved this line:

It makes you analyse words more carefully and weed out the waffle.

It encouraged me to try my hand at 150 Word Count constraints, but then, I did not have room to credit Wendy and explain why I created the little animated video.

And, if you open the tweet  thread, you will find that many more have added ideas, poetry, and images in response to Wendy’s post.

And so, what’s your concept of “Word Count”?

WC 150

This post is part of a 30-day challenge to reflectively write and post at least 150 words with the hashtag #modigiwri, which started with Anna here. Join us and here goes!

I’ve also joined the #blogging28 challenge by Edublogs, thanks to Denise’s tweet.