Building Our Neighborhood Neighbourhood #midlev #etmooc


Welcome to our wiki!  We have members !  We have resources, including a Diigo group and Evernote Notebook.

We have ideas for prompts and projects on the page Possible Projects.

All because we, together, want to build a neighborhood for support and sustenance in this hectic education world.

If you haven’t heard Dean Shareski’s Sharing As Accountability session, please do. It’s what we are doing as educators — accepting the responsibility to share our knowledge with each other for our students.

Here we go…




Thank you all for your continued commitment to “Learn and Share.”  Have a great week. I hope to tackle a prompt sometime this week. Remember, we build from each other, as we can. Gallit asked if there is a chat feature in wikispaces — does any one know? I think I can make a discussion page for each page we have. You are all organizers, so you can play around with creating pages and adding widgets. Let’s learn that wikispaces together.  Thank you!



Photo: CC by teach.eagle