WriteOut Postcard to Coral Reef

WriteOut Journal 10.14.22 Postcard to Coral Reef

In the oceans around the world are forests of coral suffering from climate change and a direct link to life on earth. Coral are the “protein factory of the world,” on which all other life depends. Listen to Ian Somerhalder explain about coral reefs in one of “Nature is Speaking” important videos about our earth:

On YouTube and at Nature is Speaking

I discovered this site today from WriteOut’s Daily Create prompt — #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3927  #writeout —Are you Listening to Nature Speaking? The prompt asks us to chose one bit of nature speaking and write a letter to that bit of nature.

I choose the Coral Reef and drew my postcard, front and back with this message:

Dear Coral Reefs,

Thank you for giving earth life. We hear you. We are listening. To save us, we save you. We are on this!

Sincerely, DS106 WriteOut

I also found several sites from NASA and Rotary International, both of whom are carefully listening to nature and responding as each can. The QR code on the card [front and back] link to these informational sites, also listed here:

Save Coral Reefs

NASA Rainforests of the Sea
Rotary Reefs

Your Turn

Go to Nature is Speaking” site and listen to nature speaking. Perhaps take time to doodle a postcard to that bit of nature with a note to it.

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