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Today’s Daily Create — #clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3926  #writeout  — invited us to ask a question of a scientist represented on Karen Romano Young’s website I Was A Kid, which shares about scientists, their careers, and their childhoods so kids can see what is possible for their future careers.

I chose @PolarPremPrem Gill — who was part of #frozenplanet2 and also strives towards making the world better by encouraging those who are under-represented and by studying Climate Change.

I asked : How best can the average person support the research to help us through climate change?

I discovered Prem Gill was a NatGeo Explorer, which you can read about here.

See his website

And watch this interview about how his work with satellite technology will help all of nature, and the seals of Antarctica as our climate changes. Thank you, Prem Gill for your work on climate change and for helping others.

What career would you choose?

Take a look at one of the scientists here — I Was A Kid Baseball Cards — and ask a question. Do a bit of research and see if your scientist has a blog or website to learn more about the career the person has chosen and consider your own choice to be a world changer through science, technology, engineering, art, or mathematics.

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