WriteOut Daily Walk Journal 10.02.22

WriteOut 22

WriteOut 10.02.22 Daily Walk Journal 


Today we paused at the mushrooms again, and I took one of the one I drew so I could see if it changed a little bit. And I took one of the clump of three because now there are more where you can see the soil being pushed up. The decomposers are at work.


Next we passed the back of the bank which has a lovely roll of lavender where we see the pollinators— the bee busy at work still doing his job pollinating and gathering food for his hive.


Next we paused at the glistening spider webs on the north side of the evergreen / juniper bush in the front of the bank. Look at all those webs— filled with spiders, and a few carcasses of captured pill bugs.

Magnolia with Pussy Willows

We were surprised to see the way the magnolia tree is changing colors. This is also in the front of the bank. And look– pussy willows forming already! Trees are amazing!

Magic in the Stone Path

And— to the magic of the stone path. Remember we passed over  the wooden footbridge and just ways west of that is the stone walk way back across Fiddle Creek but on a footbridge directly over the little creek.  It’s about noon and the sun is filtering through the canopy to add filtered light with sparkles on the flowing brook. It’s delightfully and obviously a place where deer take afternoon naps and fairies dance around them. Enjoy the visit.

Find the Deer Napping

And— can you find the deer napping?

Halloween Season– Spiders and More

And the neighbors have spiders and orcs ready for Halloween.

I’ll try to discover the name of that spider… on another day.