WriteOut 10.02.22 Daily Walk Journal 


WriteOut 10.02.22 Daily Walk Digital Journal 

Today I write about where I walk:

the town of Coulee Dam, Wa

When looking up in the skies along our walk, we can frequently see bald eagles, osprey, and turkey vultures. Listen to a few of our birds at the National Park Service site.

From the top of this granite outcrop which formed millions of years ago, is Crown Point Vista, where you can look back onto our town. Crown Point was envisioned long ago— and is an unfulfilled dream. There is a visitor area and view point, which you can almost see the visitor area in this photo from my walk– it’s that flat area to the right of the third tree poking up in the center of the rock formation.

Here’s a wikipedia map of the area, which also includes places around the area [click LIST on the menu on the right of the page]. Crown Point Vista is part of Steamboat Rock State Park.

turkey vulture circling about the granite outcrop north of town
This was a turkey vulture, I think, but from the top of this granite outcrop formed millions of years ago, is Crown Point, where you can look back onto our town.

Looking down from this view, you see where I walk every day in Coulee Dam:

Town of Coulee Dam from Crown Point Vista
Photo taken April 24, 2022

Zooming out from this picture, see Grand Coulee Dam.

Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River at Coulee Dam, WA
See larger size on Flickr

You can hike the Candy Point Trail from the point below this rock– permission granted by landowner or you can start behind city hall. Here’s a recent video of the climb by a hiker who took the trail on May 29th of this year.

For more information about the trail, see my previous post, Write Out Candy Point Trail , where I wrote:

For example, the Civilian Conservation Corps that created this trail, was part of the New Deal during the Great Depression to put men back to work. My father was part of this program which helped feed his large family back home in North Dakota. Although he was not part of this project, I am reminded of the program and help it provided every time I find one of their works. During our hard times and our need for updated infrastructure, perhaps we as a society might want to consider another such program. And, in some future years from now, both this site and the new ones created will remind us that we can find solutions to our problems by working together.

What Else Post: Write Out Candy Point Trail

Finally, lots of information can be found about this unique area and the Grand Coulee Dam. I wrote about it in the 2018 WriteOut here: Monument, and included this photo with QR code links:

illustration of FDR monument with qr codes
FDR Monument at Grand Coulee Dam
FDR monument at Grand Coulee Dam facing the granite cliffs.