WriteOut 10.01.22 Daily Walk Journal

WriteOut 22

WriteOut 10.01.22 Daily Walk Journal

Today on our walk we came across a little forest in the ground. So it’s not tall trees— it is a field of mushrooms—toadstools— fungus growing up out of the ground. It’s pretty amazing stuff so this will be the picture today. The little mushrooms are helping with the woodland ecosystem, living off whatever has died in the soil: the decomposers.

So take a look at the mushrooms and see what you can see.  

And further down the walkway we found another field of mushrooms they’re all the same kind which I do not know what kind they are. 

field of mushrooms
Lots of mushrooms.

And then towards the end of our walk in the rock wall along the sidewalk we found this clump of mushrooms.  Do you see them?  It took a minute for my husband Scott to notice them since they are part of the wall, and probably living off that dead plant system that you see on the left in the wall.

My Picture This app, when I got home, says that my mushrooms are these. 

The Picture This app also provided this important warning:

• Attention
• Content feedback CAN NOT be used as any basis for EATING or TOUCHING ANY MUSHROOM. Some mushroom can be VERY POISONOUS, please purchase edible and touchable mushroom through regular channels.

For more information on decomposers, see DECOMPOSERS.

You’ll have to wait for another day for where the stone walk goes because we’re out walking in the evening, and the sun is not high enough in the sky to give you a good impression of the path we will see, but for now, here’s a little poem:

See this Note in Evernote.