Home Changes and Cheers

Writing Inspiration

We’ve been changing the siding of the house, an improvement with eye towards fire prevention, considering our “summer” season is now “fire” season. But inside our house is a home. And today, breakfast was served, as always, with a smile, in person and on the plate. So today, my “place” is “home.”

Writing Process

The place – a house situated in geographic change. I included color as a “clad”— clothes and then the spot, a corner. There’s repetition of c and s. And an exact place and direction.

That reminded me of “North Star” and how it guides, and that would be the “home,” guiding one other with love. Notice the repetition of N and S.

The thing, the essence, the breakfast smile in love— no matter the changes outside, a home protects the family with love. And so a house shelters, while a home harbors— wraps us in love, a protection from the outside changes.


Home Changes and Cheers

Once blue clad, now mountain sage, our house sits on the corner as a choice in the road, where Douglas and Grant counties meet on the streets, west to east. Yet, like the North Star, a guiding force stays strong inside, where love abides, and breakfast arrives with a smile.

A house shelters, yes,
within holding fears and hopes:
a home harbors love.

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Your Turn

Comfort food. What’s yours? I happened to have breakfast amongst physical changes in the structure of the house. But food is something that can help us feel better. So, what is your comfort food? Where do you eat it? What around that food adds to the comfort? Write a few lines about the place and the food. Then choose a few short phrases to capture the “essence” of your comfort with it.