Walk to Spring

Writing Inspiration

The first day of National Poetry Month— read and write poetry all month! See Poets.org for resources and information: National Poetry Month. This is another month where I write a poem every day, which can also be a moment of Slice of Life. It’s spring, and it seems slow this year to coming, as my past posts have indicated. So again today I swiped through my Google Photos searching for a spring changes. I searched for “lake” because our walks slow down in spring when I stop to snap a picture of each little new sign.

When I saw this photo [above] from early April, 2021. I remembered the joy this brought because that winter seemed cold and I worried about the lone apricot tree that somehow was planted there by Crescent Bay. I’ve been in this area for over thirty years, and that little apricot tree has been there with me. Well, with everyone, but it’s my walk so I enjoy this, my view. And where you walk is your view. What do you see and feel about this time of year [spring or fall, depending on where you live]?

Writing Process

I decided to describe the scene as it happened— that moment where brown turned to spring and the joy that we both felt in that lovely moment. I chose the ground, an action, the moment of dull at the turn, and then the song of joy in blossoms. Can you see it?


The Walk to Spring

Walking by the lake where a growth of new grass sprouts, he removes his jacket, now unneeded. The hills across the way still hold onto the browns of dormancy. Around the bend, the usual turn, and spring appears in the apricot blossoms in full bouquet of a joyous voice, “Spring is here.”

Grass so dull and brown,
frowning at it, until lo!
Apricot dreams grow.

Sheri Edwards
040122 092.365.22

Your Turn

Find a place where a change occurs— recreate in your mind that moment where the change occurred and consider how it felt— that moment of change. Try to capture that before and then the change. Don’t worry about being “poetic.” This is for you, a chance to start. Like me, you’ll get better at capturing the essence of an everyday, the miracles of the ordinary that, when noticed, makes life’s moments precious, and our lives, of value. Your moments are important. Notice them.


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  1. Such a beautiful poem with beautiful words. I love the spring season out of all seasons. The picture you added to this poem attracted me.

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