Slice of Live Above

Writing Inspiration

On my iPad, a daily picture pops up to surprise me. This lighthouse on the Washington coast shows a view below the climb to the light in the lighthouse. It’s a view that shows the apartments next door and hopes on the hills, a view that shows the earth has room for all of us. There is no need for war. So that idea became the start of a short poem because today is a busy day of cleaning up after a work crew.

For more information on the lighthouse:

Mukilteo Lighthouse Park
608 Front St, Mukilteo, WA 98275

Mukilteo Lighthouse on Google Maps and Wikipedia

Writing Process

As I looked at the photo, which, as I said, just popped up on my home screen on my iPad, I was struck by the perspective of height— to see all around instead of just in front of me as we walk along the path. I could see myself in the world in a spot of my own among all the other spots for other people. The world, I could see, fits us all.

As I started writing with “rise above the small” I thought of that first view of walking on a path, seeing only one’s path, yet we fit within the larger world. Hence, “small” ovens to the world. But the word “world” did not fit. It’s a funny word, one syllable, but I pronounce it with two syllables. Whir-old, instead “wurld.” So I changed my idea from world to earth.

Next, the first line starts with an accent, a verb, “Rise.” So I couldn’t say in the second line “the world” or now “the earth.” I needed to start with an accented syllable to keep. The rhythm and flow. I followed the syllabic form of the first line:

  • rise – accent
  • above – two syllables, accent second
  • the — one light syllable, not a firm accent
  • small — accent


  • Earth – accent
  • Supports – two syllables, accent second
  • us — one light syllable, not a firm accent
  • all — accent

And that’s how the writing would sound and flow and rhyme.

Do you see it? Give it a try: a photo, a phrase. Then parse the phrase into accents/syllables/rhyme to create the second line.



Rise above the small
Earth supports us all.

Sheri Edwards
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