Slice of Life Enjoy the Little Things

Writing Inspiration

Today, though the clouds rolled in, still I am thankful for so many little things. A grouchy, but cute cat; a comfortable couch, a lovely neighborhood of friends and trees and walks, coffee in the morning, frogs and toads, and always, a partner whose wisdom and conversation keep me grounded. So in my photos I searched for ‘things’ and this photo from 2019 appeared, with my art on a coaster and a mug. I am thankful for art, too.

So “little things” and “gratitude” became my theme for today.

Writing Process

I took the cue to start the poem with the little coaster: enjoy the little things. My friend had seen her first meadowlark of spring and shared the recording of its song as her poem for the week. “Meadowlark sings” is one of the little things for which I am grateful. I decided to write a short poem with lines that rhyme with “things.”

  • Things
  • sings
  • rings
  • kings
  • wings
  • brings
  • pings

With those words ready, I could decide what “little thing” fit with that ”-ing” word would be part of what brings me joy. And so, a poem


Enjoy the Little Things

Enjoy the little things
Find what each day brings
Hear when meadowlark sings
Cheer when freedom rings
Make art for all these things.

Sheri Edwards
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Your Turn

There are many ways to write about the little things that bring you joy:

  • A list poem
  • an acrostic based on one “thing”
  • a haiku
  • a list in sections: item and three lines of imagery, repeat for each item

What will you write today?