Day 9 Book Makes


Our daily walk past the tennis courts in the city park added a bit of lightness to our day. As mentioned yesterday, kids have chalked up a path around the courts, as directions for a race track.

Can you read this one?  Here it is upside down:invented spelling

I once taught first grade and I recognize the invented spelling. Here we see a spot in the race track with the net post that someone might run into. So the child wrote caution in the best way s/he could sound and remember:

ca — remembering the beginning letters

sh — remembering the sh sound in the middle

t — remembering there is a t somewhere

on– finishing out the sound.

Very clever.

Prompt: Write a story today about something you remember from when you were little. Don’t worry about spelling; you can ask for help later. That’s what authors do!

Make it into a story using one of the book how-tos below.

Resources on Invented Spelling for Parents

WeAreTeachers: invented spelling

Reading Rockets: Invented Spelling and Spelling Development

So let your kids write and create cards for loved ones — and don’t worry so much about perfection — encourage their heartfelt feelings expressed in their own words and spelling.

Resources for Creating Cards and Books /Journals

Foldable Booklets

Making a Pop Up Book

Make a Pop Up Card

Making a Burrito Book

Make a Zine

This example you can download shows how to make it, including how the pages will be numbered so you can make the zine before you cut if you want.  I used this one in my classroom for my students.


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