Day 10 Spring Garden

Spring Wonder

Walking along the out-of-the-way path, the dry brown earth, scattered with the brown of dormant grasses and weeds, crumbles a bit in preparation for the sprouts of spring. Imagine what will arrive within the next few weeks, bursting in a rainbow of colors with all shades of green, reaching towards the sun and blooming in beauty for us. What will you see?

In the dried lavender, with crispy sycamore leaves, blooms the first daffodils:


And in the park, one crocus is left, uneaten by the local bunny population, although the leaves had been trimmed!


It’s such a delight to see the crocus and daffodil blooming, the purple and yellow blooms so vibrant in the dark earth, so hopeful for spring to arrive.

What flowers blossom now in your season and space?

How about considering a garden in your space — rural, backyard, or city?

PROMPT: Draw and describe your own garden.

What flowers would you plant? vegetables? When will they bloom? What colors will display? How did you organize the plants?

Resources for Gardening, Gardening with Kids, and Gardening in the City:

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