Sharing Hobbies

Blog? What do I write about?

Another idea for blog posts is to share your hobbies and connect with others who like to learn that interest.

In my CLmooc group, we love learning new things, and many of us are not “artists,” but we love to draw– so we find ways to challenge ourselves to become better through a Doodle A Day each month.

Today’s prompt for MarchDoodle was: “Most Memorable Food.” We get our monthly prompts from different places or we collaborate to create our own lists. This month, we borrowed the ideas from DoodleWash: March 2019 Challenge.

Every time I thought of a food, I remembered the people who were with me, my family and friends. So that’s the doodle I created to fit the prompt. Interpretations of our prompts are up to each artist, so there’s no pressure about the prompt — we can even invent our own. The point is to doodle a day and share. Our sharing places are Google Plus [soon to be gone], a Facebook group, and Twitter. I usually share a month’s worth of doodles on my art/poetry/photography blog: Frame and Focus.

If you look through my doodles, you’ll see how I’m growing and how they really are just “doodles,” simple sketches to convey an idea. They aren’t perfect, but they are fun to create and share.  I keep albums on Flickr [must be 13 or older to use].
For students, note that there’s usually no personal information shared– just general information. Because I am an adult, sometimes I do share things important to me.

Got a folder with hobby images?

For students, you could use the cloud drive assigned to you in Microsoft, Google, or iCloud to keep and organize your albums or folders of pictures about your hobby. Then, when you need a post to share, you can pick a picture to upload and write your post.

Besides images, what else?

Perhaps you know YouTube videos about your hobby that you can embed into your post and explain how those videos helped you improve.

Perhaps you know an expert you could interview or link to. For example I learned so much about doodling from Diane Bleck’s Doodles. She has easy to follow videos and worksheets she shares. I did pay for a class, but there’s lots to share that are free.  Who is someone you could share with your readers who could help with your hobby?

Or perhaps you could teach someone about your hobby. Perhaps you could create a Google Slide show and turn it into a pdf saved in your cloud storage that you could share with your readers. For example, this is a Doodle Book I shared with my family this year so we could all doodle together.

Keep Blogging !

As you can see, there are many ideas for blog posts and sharing hobbies is one of them. Especially after a blogging challenge, it’s great to know that you can keep blogging!

What hobby could you share?

What ideas do you have to keep blogging?

Doodle by Sheri on Flickr