Deeper Coffee Talk

Yesterday, my blogging friend Anna reminded me that I had not included Terry’s blog in my #modigiwri widget in the sidebar. Thanks, Anna– I’ve added it.

While reading Terry’s blog posts, he engaged me in a deep article which I wrote about yesterday, although I had planned to write about crocheting based on the #blogging28 post by Karen, Taking Hobbies Up a Notch.

That’s what I love about blogging — finding interesting, important, and relevant ideas that engage us and sometimes cause us to do important things. Perhaps we are inspired to be more active in our world politically or in our communities, or perhaps we are inspired to improve our pedagogy– through crochet. We are bits of improvement and being.

I took a stroll on Terrie’s website to his first posts and found one from 2013 that provides insight into Terry’s world, but also provided several ideas for great questions to answer in future blog posts, should I ever get stuck for ideas. His post, Sunshine Elevens, included many more than these [scroll to the bottom], but here are a few good starters for some deeper coffee talk on our blogs:

  1. If you could remove one thing or idea from our world, what would it be and why?
  2. Where do you hope to be professionally in ten, twenty years and are you currently progressing toward that stage?
  3. What is one of the more significant trends in pedagogy right now and how do you foresee it progressing in the future?
  4. What is a favorite quote of yours and can you please share your interpretation of it and why it is a favorite?

Thank you Terry.

And… be sure to check out the educator suggests at @Edublogs

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This post is part of a 30-day challenge to reflectively write and post at least 150 words with the hashtag #modigiwri, which started with Anna here. Join us and here goes!

I’ve also joined the #blogging28 challenge by Edublogs, thanks to Denise’s tweet.


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  1. Learning about Terry’s blog was worth the price of admission! His 2013 post was inspirational, and I have added his blog to my Feedly aggregation to follow future posts.

  2. That’s quite a post from Terry — I love that I read his words today, years later — you found them and shared them — and I still know that to be his unique Terry voice on the page. Something in that observation … but not sure what yet …

    • Kevin, I so enjoyed reading Terry’s words again! I remember now that I knew his posts would always require me to think deeper. I appreciate that. It was also interesting to read my response to Terry’s questions; I hope to write about that too. Thanks for stopping by… ~ Sheri

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