WriteOut CLmooc Flower Beds

For most parks, I love the natural growth– the habitat for songbirds and creatures whose world we have overtaken. But this flower bed is welcome:

Support Our Parks !

The National Park Foundation provides ways for us to support our national parks because:

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike.”

John Muir

The foundation serves to protect the parks we love:

The National Park Service’s mission is to “conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and wildlife therein, and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.”

History of NPF

The NPF supports programs that protect, connect, and inspire us: See them here. One example is the “Leave No Trace” and “Adopt a Trail” programs for Washington’s Olympic National Park, host to a temperate rainforest. On the Leave No Trace program information page at the National Park Service,

Be sure to take the Bigfoot Challenge at Leave No Trace ! Help others learn the seven principles.

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Doodles by Sheri: Flower Bed and Leave No Trace