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A galaxy sparkles and spins

with millions of suns within

one we know of yellow glow

holds a planet, blue and bold,

flowing waters rush

through foliage, green and lush,

in its oceans and land, creatures

meander and bustle among its features:

volcanic mountains, glacial valleys,

dessert dunes, rainforest canopies;

small beings so diverse

of themselves, a universe,

digging in, building high,

planting here, flying skies,

creatively problems solved

a better world made for all–

gathering in song and dance

celebrating magnificence.

We, creatures of earth,

Small, but builders of giants,

In awe of ourselves.

We are such small things in the universe, yet we are able to build and create magnificent solutions to our needs.

Electric, dark clouds,

Anchored by cabled wires, stretched

Across a nation.

The Grand Coulee Dam provides not just power, but also irrigation for otherwise a dry eastern Washington. [USBR Fact Sheet]. We engineered it — we small things of the universe– promoting the general welfare for all of us.

But what is most magnificent in this celebratory picture is the diversity of our humanity, together, celebrating our freedoms, our basic rights for all, for we are all created equal [See also Universal Declaration of Human Rights].

Music, dance, food, cultural sharing, booths– the image shows what’s possible, what is the best about us, the vision of humanity that, together, we can do anything.

Celebrate your life,

Share your day with others; sense

the essence of us.

This is truly magnificent.

And this is what we hold on to in our hearts.

What displays this magnificence in your community?

About the picture:

This is one of my favorite pictures. It’s created with the app Painteresque from a Fourth of July photo during the Grand Coulee Chamber of Commerce‘s Festival of America. We even used it as the cover for a tab in our local newspaper.

The festival, though sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce, is implemented each Fourth of July by volunteer community members in the park below Grand Coulee Dam, whose 155 mile long reservoir is known as the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area.


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Photos/ Images / Poetry by Sheri Edwards

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