WriteOut CLmooc Green


is the color
of my backyard
shades of cool
in every hue,
haven from the heat.

Songbirds chirp
Squirrels chatter
Quail bob their heads
Hummingbirds zip on by
Deer nap in the afternoon.

Wildlife wander in this green palace
under the summer sun
hiding in shades of cool
in every hue:
my backyard
is green.

Every summer day this is my view at breakfast, as I sit on the back porch enjoying the chirp and chatter of wildlife in our green palace. It’s our own park, a joy to live in, even in the fall when the sycamore leaves fall after the first snow and we can’t rake them up. And even in winter the wildlife come for a respite from their daily journeys.

We live in a small town where out of town is two blocks away.

The blue summer sky peeks through while our little forest shields us from the summer rays of heat. Our house benefits from the shade of one of the largest trees in town, our plane tree, also known as sycamore. It’s huge leaves and spreading branches form a canopy of protection and solitude from the bright and noisy world.

I hope you have a place that offers you sanctuary and peace when that’s what you need.  What is your special place?

Photo, art, and poetry by Sheri

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