#writeout CLmooc Duck Pond

Slow down

Children Playing

Duck Crossing

Slow down.


Ducks quack.

Watch them, yes.

Feed them, no.

Ducks quack.


Run and play

Tag, you’re it!

Hide and seek,

Run and play.


Park closes

Pack your stuff

Pick up litter

See you tomorrow.

As soon as I saw the prompt for today, Duck Pond, I imaged a favorite place, Manito Park in Spokane, Washington. It’s called Mirror Pond and is visited daily. The park is huge with many gardens and places to picnic, play, jog, hike, photograph wildlife and flowers. It’s fun in all seasons, since the sledding hill is also a favorite. Download this brochure for more information: A Walking Tour of Manito Park.

One thing that is so important is to NOT feed the ducks. It can create ducks who don’t fear humans and who become aggressive towards them. Our food is not nutritious for ducks and can harm them and encourage disease. More ducks will come and upset the ecosystem.  Here’s a brochure with information about feeding ducks: Living with Urban Wildlife.

Manito Park is loved by the people of Spokane — and anyone who visits it. The park is well cared for by the community, including not feeding the ducks! What’s important to know about your park?

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