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Hiking / Walking Path

Walk along with me

to the maple tree

where the stone path ends

and the dreams begin

A flash of sun

or was it one

shimmer of a wing

in a spin within a fairy dance

you might glance

if you follow the dragonfly

down past the stone

over the soft brown dirt

there on the left

an opening

to the brook

to the magic

of shadow and light

that could be

if you but squint

when the leaves

dance in the breeze

seeing the unseen

in the other world

is it there- where the sun

glistens on the gentle ripple

or there on the edge of the

maple leaf

turn again and look down

into the coolness

of watercress

and then

you realize

the fairy

has taught you

the spin

the dance

and you

walk along in glee

to the maple tree

where the stone path ends

and did your dream begin?

Cole Park in Coulee Dam is a magical place, if you open your mind and imagine what could be, what would be if but step carefully into that magic world of wonder. Tennis, basketball, horse shoes, dog-walking, and, for me, a place where fairies dance there on the brook in the underbrush off the stone path– just follow the dragonfly along the rock wall.

Won’t you come tell stories with me?

If you would like to walk through the park, here’s one path:

The entire journey through poetry and images can be found here: Walk in the Park

Enjoy the walk with me and share your own.

This post is part of the 2018 Summer #WriteOut in places, parks, poetry, and doodles with #Clmooc. Learn more at CLmooc blog and National Writing Project / National Park Service WriteOut

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Photos, images, and poetry by Sheri