WriteOut Clmooc Rocks


Reds and blacks and browns

columns of cooled million-year old lava

shining walls beneath the clear blue sky

sparkling with lichens

yellow and green

glowing in the beaming sun

hundreds of feet high

sky-scrapers of basalt,

a protective castle

standing strong

in the middle

of the


Steamboat Rock State Park

Steamboat Rock State Park is surrounded by Banks Lake, which is actually a reservoir funneled up from the Columbia River by Grand Coulee Dam so the water irrigates the arid lands of Eastern Washington. The side benefit is the 30 mile long fishing, boating, swimming, wildlife paradise we enjoy.

In my art work, I show the two granite rocks at the north end of Steamboat Rock whose hardness caused the glacial flood to split around it to leave the basalt of Steamboat Rock.

Geology of Steamboat Rock:

Granite and Basalt

The Carving of the Scablands

Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail [pdf]


Beauty in March:

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Photos and art by Sheri

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