Tracking Paths of Connections

Tweet Paths

If you  tweet, you leave tracks that lead to past and future connections. I tweet much less than I did when I was teaching, and I’ve added hashtags in doodling because I have time now! Still, the people I connected with then and now are mostly the same — the #clmooc and #etmooc neighborhoods with whom I’ve built relationships.

I see in hashtags, replies, retweets, and URLs that this day I was working on information based on my mentoring work. I tweeted about blogging, Google Apps, and higher education. My part time work connects me to educators new to tech, and I mentor them in the questions they have. I also see doodling, art, and two new hashtags #netnarr and #cccwrite. I’m more of a night owl than a morning robin so that too is indicated.

Looks like I’m a retweeter.  I do like to share things that might be helpful to others. I like to share what the people in my neighborhoods are doing. Because I think they have great ideas.

Some of the people I tweet with, tweet much more than I do; others less.

Track Shadow of Me

I know that analysis of these tracks will find a liberal minded educator who believes in openness and transparency in a peaceful, collaborative world where each of us may speak with our own voice about our own ideas, with each under the same justice according to the rule of law, which we all helped to create in order to establish liberty and justice for all.

And that’s all I’ll say about tracking, because I remembered to THINK, which we all need to do:


Where do your tracks lead, and what do they say about you?


Post Resources

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Screenshots by Sheri

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