Close your eyes and think of somebody who is really influential in your life and/or who matters to you. Why is this person so important?


Who matters to me ?


Scott Hunter



Why is this person so important?

We live in a small town, actually we live in a community of five small towns, each with their own identities and government. As small town America began to crumble, my husband, Scott, stepped up to be part of solutions. He’s been President of Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce (sometimes at the same time) more times than I can remember. Years ago our hospital almost became defunct, but due to Scott’s diligence and research, the situation turned around, and in later years the community worked together to build one of the best small medical centers around. He’s been part of finding ways to build a new school, organizing and helping at the community festivals, maintaining the fish hatchery, building the fishing ramp for those with disabilities, and trying to bring a new community center here. As Publisher of the local paper, The Star, he keeps the community informed on the issues that affect our small towns and our lives. He’s not the only one, because we have many outstanding, active citizens; but I am inspired by the fact that he stepped up and became a leader for the community, always focusing on bringing all of our towns and people together. He amazes me with all he does.

Between the two of us, we have four children and ten grandchildren, and everyone of them would say, Grampa is the best ever. Scott is a sensible person, not a sensitive person. By that I mean, you can bet he’ll find a way to let you know the truth; he’ll give you the facts straight up. All of our family depends on this, a caring father and grandfather who’ll be honest about the problems expressed, or the politics, or any drama he is sure to squelch. “What do you think about…” is a question he gets often, by phone, email, or in person because our family respects his ideas, and the loving and logical way he presents them. He’s always reading everything on every topic from politics to economics to religion to history to black holes. I do believe he’s related to Leonardo da Vinci, although we do hire out any for any repairs. Storytelling, boating, walking the dog, visiting the bat cave, searching for dragons, discussing God: these are the things Scott brings to our family. We are so inspired by his wisdom, humor, and the fun times he gives us. Who wouldn’t be inspired?

And me. Throughout our years of marriage, we two have enjoyed each other’s company in love and respect. He has supported my time, all the extra time, devoted to my teaching career. People don’t realize how much time most teachers give to create a positive and challenging experience to their students. Scott has always supported those times, and even written a few poems about it. Yes, Scott is also a poet; his words wrap images onto the paper and into your mind; they are safely tucked inside a folder, treasured, too personal and powerful to share, but ever uplifting to pull out and remember. He gently picks on his guitar and creates melodies that invite you into new worlds that swirl in music in your mind. And when he sings, his resonant voice fills you with awe. So, I don’t think I have to tell you how easy it was to fall in love with him; so much romance and music, consideration and conversation. With our kids, he’s always made time (see above) to create a home, a family, for our blended crew.  We spend more of our time in intellectual conversations than planted in front of the tube; you’ll find us immersed in our iPads researching on a topic of interest and then discussing what we discovered, often on a hike or walk with our dog, Pooka. And as my teaching world crumbles around me, he is there reminding me to stay the course and do what’s best for my students. Scott fuels my fire, and, by his example and through his wisdom and humor, inspires me daily. I am amazed at all his talents.

So. My husband Scott is ever present and a steadfast supporter of our community. His wisdom gained from continual learning provides a foundation for our family. And I am every day blessed with his consideration and conversation, his prose and poetry, and his love.

He is inspiration.


Thanks, Scott!

You’re my inspiration!

Post is a suggestion by Larry Ferlazzo for Thanksgiving