#nablopomo #nablopomoed Day 25 Connections

#nablopomo #nablopomoed  Blog A Day  25 Connections

Aren’t you amazed that with technology, our lives are so interconnected?


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Have you ever viewed the information about Connectivism and Connected Learning?

We are social creatures, and today the ideas we share can be found and adapted by any one with a connection.

Have you discovered not just connections, but also serendipity–  the discovery of connections when not looking for them?  Lic. María Fernanda Arenas wrote a post about this in 2010 which more carefully explains it from her lens.

For me, I am always so amazed when I’m looking for something, and while perusing my Twitter, something pops that helps with that issue. One example is the discovery of Tracy Watanabe’s post on Depth of Knowledge for the Common Core State Standards. As I plan for implementation of the CCSS and create action plans for our Academic Coaches, I contemplated the shifts in thinking with the CCSS. Tracy’s post helped me think it through, provided an example of excellent professional development which I wrote about. I find these serendipitous events happen many times, and isn’t it grand?

Connections also occur while I’m writing as well for NaNoWriMo.  As I create my world in my novels, my characters and their events and props connect in various ways throughout my writing as the ideas flow.  It’s hard to explain, but as I continue one chapter, something happens that connects the character to another and then sets the stage for the future.

Or perhaps I’m just an optimist and expect to find the connections… because, as we know, we get what we expect!

How do “connections” work in your life?