Art in the Middle #etmooc

Oh how I love this video introduction by Susan Angel. Her gentle words spill over into the artwork floating behind her story. This is what our schools should be about: exploring who we are and where our talents are. What fortunate students to have a school that finds art an important part of the curriculum!

I’ve found Susan on Twitter and invited her to our Connect in the Middle wiki. Any other MidLev educators are also welcome to join our neighborhood, and help make it grow.

Wowser!  Let’s watch the video, and try some art!



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  1. Thank you for sharing this. So sad that art is considered by many as a frill. The arts are essential and a great way to grab kids’ attention. My avenue to the arts is through music (not the typical pop but early music) and to quote Nietsche “Without music, life would be a mistake” We need to help students celebrate their creative side and speak through a variety of media.

    • Susan, students love music. I love that students have their own iPods and other devices so that while they work, they can listen to the music that helps then focus! And it helps their memory. Lucky for your students that you have music as an inspiration. Being tone deaf, I hesitate to sing. However, I model that to sing is to live, and try any way! 🙂

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