Carving a Slice of Learning at #etmooc

How does one carve a slice of learning at #etmooc ? After listening to this vlog and reading the conversation, I wondered about this Massive Open Online Course, and how just like in our classrooms, the learners have different styles. Some need more structure, and some want to fly.

Here’s one way to “slice” up #ETMOOC

ETMOOC Slice from Sheri Edwards on Vimeo.

What suggestions do you have for learners at #etmooc who are looking for where to start?


on “Carving a Slice of Learning at #etmooc
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  1. Hi Sheri, Thanks for the great video. I am like Julie, I have not yet got that far though I do make videos all the time here at school to demonstrate what is happening in the classrooms. Hmmmm!!! Maybe I should move on to the next step and get personally involved.

    I really resonated with your comment about What is Great and Hard about the Mooc (my words) is that it is open….

    You reminded me that I am not alone on this journey of discovery.


    • Heather, Thanks for adding the idea to to move to the next step. I always get a little anxious when I jump in to try something new — I’m really a shy person, so videos are not easy. I actually prefer still shots with audio. I think it focuses the viewer’s thoughts on the concept, instead of watching all the movement. Welcome to the journey, and I’m glad we’re on the path together. (Love your email name).

  2. Nice video Sheri! Clear, to the point, and reassuring. I like that you provided a concrete example to illustrate what connect, comment, and share can look like. I do think, too, that many learners have not yet learned to be metacognitive about their learning. They need to rely on the form and structure of more traditional learning environments because they do not trust their own knowledge or sense of what they have learned. Learning to be metacognitive is hard work. It takes time, but it is really worth it. I have posted about metacognition here

    I hope to get the gumption up to vlog one day soon!

    Thanks so much for sharing. This is a great conversation.

    • Julie, Be sure to share your vlog here! Thanks for the info on your site; I tweeted it for our midlevel group and saved them to our Diigo group. Metacognition is hard work, and it is necessary for deeper learning and for owning our learning. Thank you for sharing here.

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