Three easy ways to learn transforming edu technology

whatelse_badgeWhat else could I do to learn and apply the tools that are changing how the world works and plays?

Three easy ways to find webinars to learn and to connect, to keep up with transforming a classroom into a learning community that develops daily learners — for everyone in the classroom:

Edublogs Challenge and Sue Waters
2. Learn Central Join for many connections, including CR Live 20 — Classroom Live Edu Webinars (except July)
3. Teachers First Many reviewed apps with lesson – an excellent site, also with webinars — ( @teachersfirst twitter))–
OK2Ask Webinars, including


LIVE Tuesday, June 28 at 3:30pm EDT

And the added benefit is that with each of these, you make new connections and build your PLN !  Hope to learn more with you !

What else do you “go to” for webinars on learning tools and strategies?

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