Tech Travelers

It’s official: we’ve created tech travelers at our school as the trek through our Google Mail, Calendar, and Blogger to create, circulate, connect, collaborate, and consider.

Our tired trekkers meet each Tuesday from 3:00 to 4:00 PM, taking on new challenges and overcoming tech fears. Each step makes us one step closer to confidence.  In fact, look at our wordle for sessions 1-5 combined, to show how much we’ve grown. Wordle takes a group of words (our reflections) and translates them into a cloud in which the most frequently used words display larger.

“Login,” “know” and “use” are now part of our tech vocabulary !  Look how prominant they are! Wowser to us!

Check out what we can do:

Our links:

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If you read the comments there already, you will notice links to two wonderful posts by Denise Krebs, a teacher who took part in a blogging challenge at Edublogs along with Ms Edwards and her students.

The Do’s of Classrom Blogging:

Create, Contribute, Connect, Collaborate, Curate

Joining the Conversation

” Online we can all be on a level playing field. We can all make valuable
contributions. Even the weakest writers can do the work of the 21st
century when they share their own genius.”

Our teachers have created and contributed to the conversation. We step closer to a global conversation, a collaboration and connection that creates authentic learning for our teachers and our students. Soon our teachers will have “trackbacks” to their blogs when others learn from them.

Another commenter, Nancy Carroll, recently wrote a blog post on Lifelong Learning that is pertinent here:  Lifelong Learners Even though our teachers did not grow up with technology all around them, they see the value and need to continue learning with what kids today consider “natural” learning tools.

As of this writing, another commenter joined my call on Twitter to encourage our new bloggers. Paula Naugle and I have shared many Classroom Live Eluminate sessions learning about technology.  Paula’s blog post, A Teachable Moment – Pay It Forward, shows how in one small classroom blog in one corner of the world, a lesson can be shared across borders. Class blogs do “Pay It Forward” through shared lessons and student successes. And sometimes our failures are shared as we reach an “Aha!” moment that guides someone else to success.

Thanks to Denise Krebs, Nancy Carroll, and Paula Naugle for their blogger courtesy, showing the power of our personal learning networks (PLN). And thanks to Nancy, Jama, Gloria, Kayla, Sharon, and Terrie for taking their precious time to consider new ways of creating, contributing, connecting, collaborating, and curating (Thanks, Denise — those verbs rock!)

Keep Trekking, Techies !

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    • Yes Denise, I am proud of them. It is not easy to step into this world that kids take for granted (and need guidance to learn digital citizenship). I am so thankful for people like you from all over the world who have helped me take these steps so that I, and my instruction, is relevant to my students and their futures– and helps them and me learn global citizenship. Kudos to them and you. Sheri

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