Internet Safety: Four Tips if Cyberbullied

What happens if you are cyberbullied? What should you do?

Cyberbullying is when someone contacts you online or includes online content about you that is mean, threatening, or hurtful.  Always tell a trusted adult.
1. Ignore it. Don’t respond.

2. Save the evidence (text message, IM, Facebook page, etc.). Take a screenshot, if possible.
3. Tell a trusted adult: your parent, a teacher, etc.
4. If necessary, contact the administrators of the site or contact the authorities.

Our students have been learning from Netsmartz on how to be safe online. We’ve watched and discussed many videos and scenarios. Last Friday, we reviewed the main points. Then we left the classroom with partners, pads, and pens for a “Walk ‘n Talk.”  Partners walked, talked, and wrote about the issues of cyberbullying, creating scripts to share tips with other kids.

Back in the classroom, each partner pairs prepared and videoed their skits, sometimes calling their teacher (Code name Shee) in an improptu part in their skits. In one class period we reviewed tips, wrote scripts, and videoed the skits.

Enjoy our work and learn what to do if you are cyberbullied:

Link to full screen here.

Listen to the engagement. Think about the verbs, “the DOing” by students to learn and understand what to do if one is cyberbullied:

Understand the content.
List the content.
Explain the content.
Organize the content.
Share and edit the content.
Collaborate to share and edit content.
Plan, design, and produce the content.

These are essential skills of the 21st Century. The tool engaged students and allowed application and practice of the skills.

What did you learn?  What was the most important tip?
 How did we do?

Be sure to check out  Netsmartz for more information on Internet Safety.

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