When we come to it

When it comes to it, we wait for the stars each night with a whisper someone sends on gentle branches of the heart and mind… Continue reading When we come to it

#clmooc #light #constellation collaboration

  Chief Astronaut: Kevin Hodgson In Week 5, our challenge was light. How do we make and write with light? Under the inspiration of Kevin Hodgson , we were invited to remake the night sky with our own constellations and stories. Continue reading #clmooc #light #constellation collaboration

#clmooc Writing Hacking Defining Week 4 Reflection #k6diglit

Writing Hacking Defining Today, I celebrate conversation, and the continuing celebrations each day at #clmooc. In the Hangouts and chats, in our posts, we continue the conversation about writing and making and hacking. I keep thinking about the conversations about Continue reading #clmooc Writing Hacking Defining Week 4 Reflection #k6diglit

#clmooc Possibilites Done; More to Be

What’s Possible? A large group of people work together to learn by connecting together, creating together, and sharing in a connected learning massive open online course (#clmooc). And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a map to show who we are. Remember Continue reading #clmooc Possibilites Done; More to Be

#etmooc #clmooc Week 3 Reflection #f5f

#clmooc Week 3 Reflections How is what you create driven by your interests? Since this is voluntary learning, it’s all based on interests; I have no preconception or grade to concern me. I love being inspired by those who jump Continue reading #etmooc #clmooc Week 3 Reflection #f5f