#clmooc Possibilites Done; More to Be

What’s Possible?

A large group of people work together to learn by connecting together, creating together, and sharing in a connected learning massive open online course (#clmooc). And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a map to show who we are.

Remember when Kevin Hodgson asked us to pin ourselves on a Google Map and write a Six Word Bio? Here’s his badge project “Mapping the CLMOOC with Six Word Bios” to explain how that started, and the video he created of our bios with the map of where we are. Thanks, Kevin, for a collaborative, creative, model “make.” Video and map:

View Making Learning Connected MOOC Map in a larger map

Four things about this:

1) Be sure to thank  Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax)

2) Be sure to submit your work in our #clmooc and Google+ community to the “Earn a Badge,” whether you lurked, linked, launched, or lead. If you participated, share what you did.

3) Be sure to consider how you could use this in the coming school year.  How about:

  • Students map places in the news and write six word headlines to reflect their take on an issue.
  • Students map places they’d love to visit and write six word adventures for themselves.
  • Students map the origin of their favorite food (song, movie, book, etc.) and write a six word connection to it.

4) Create a “Make Bank” entry for your idea or one of your other projects for the next school year!

Thanks again Kevin, and #clmooc -ers!

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on “#clmooc Possibilites Done; More to Be
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