Blog to Share and Connect

In those connections, build relationships — keep connecting with the people who respond, and keep initiating responses yourself. Continue reading Blog to Share and Connect

CLmooc BC Affinity Conversations

the most fundamental of all human rights is the right to control our own minds and thoughts: We are curious and exploring on our own to find meaning in our worlds Continue reading CLmooc BC Affinity Conversations

Clmooc BC Affinity Equity in Pace

spaces that could engage them, inspire them, and encourage them in their interests and learning through tech communication skills that will be used today and in their future Continue reading Clmooc BC Affinity Equity in Pace

CLmooc BC Affinity Evolution

#CLmooc emerged from the MOOC and is supported by those who continue their interest in connected learning and in connecting as learners. Are we an affinity network/space or a group? Continue reading CLmooc BC Affinity Evolution

Momentum Part 4 Connections

these bring people together into a conversation to more critically consider ideas. It will build relationships as well as knowledge. Continue reading Momentum Part 4 Connections

Happy Birthday ETmooc

A community of learners connecting, communicating, considering, contributing, collaborating, creating, and curating a body of knowledge open and shared by all based on the needs of the participants Continue reading Happy Birthday ETmooc

Happy Birthday CLmooc

Through play and collaboration, we understood the power of ideas shared in ever varied ways according to the best choice of presentation Continue reading Happy Birthday CLmooc

Connected Learners #ce14 #clmooc #DigiLit Sunday

Connections.  Everywhere. A network of sharing and growing. That’s what being a connected learner is.  My connection with #clmooc has expanded my focus from one classroom and one teacher, to a networked community from which I can give just as Continue reading Connected Learners #ce14 #clmooc #DigiLit Sunday