Small Thing: A Very Peri-Spring

White periwinkle flower
Veri-Peri Periwinkle Spring

Writing Inspiration

Today the little spinning wheels of the lawn delight me even through the rain shower— the little white or purple flowers seem to wink as I pass by— little reminders that, yes, it is spring— very spring! And so a quick spring poem.

Writing Process

This little flower— in white or purple— is a spring delight, and when they fill the yard, we know spring is here for sure. So I wanted a a little poem, a poem that flows off the tongue like a tongue twister or nursery rhyme— that wakes up joy in the heart.

So I rattled of a few words: periwinkle. Wrinkle. Wink. Spinning wheel, spinning real. And the poem wrote itself. Even the title — I said to myself, “Well, that’s very peri!”


White periwinkle

Very Peri Spring

Petal wrinkles
Winking, spinning- real

Sheri Edwards
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Your Turn

Give it a try. Look for a small thing of spring or fall or whatever season it is this day you’re reading this.

Say the name and some rhymes, including about the time/season. Think of: what does the thing remind you of? What is its color? Shape? What does it seem to do? Make a list.

Pick a few that flow together— and capture it’s seasonal essence.

Write. Revise, Organize. Share.