Small Things: Three Leaves

three Leaves

Writing Inspiration

Today I was inspired by #smallpoems by twitter friends— thoughts on paths and age and wrapped words of poetry that lead to truths. So I looked for photos of old places from our daily walk that hold some truth and some light within.

Thank you, Kevin and Greg for your daily small poems that capture some truth for the twitter verse.

Writing Process

Just a few notes today on my word choice. My rock wall holds up a hillside— an embankment was my first word choice, but that doesn’t hold the power of what it really is: a hillside. And the rock wall still stands after seventy years— built by CCC craftsmen years ago. [Civil Conservation Corps] It was built with such care — “wrapped.”

Yet beneath the rock and grass is an entire community of roots— “fruits” so creatures have food to live. Even through the perfect angles of the placed rocks, the life peeks out. I choose words with similar sounds — consonant and vowels. A bit of my thoughts:


Three Leaves

Hillside wrapped in
Sculpted rocks angled by craftsmen
Seventy years ago
Hides the ever growing roots
Flowing ever for life’s fruits
Yet, in the perfectly aligned spaces,
The hidden is bidden
As green seeks sun rays
In three peeking leaves.

Sheri Edwards
042022 111.365.22

Your Turn

Find a worn place in your neighborhood— a place with a history perhaps— that may need remembering. Like my rock wall built by the CCC — still solid. And the hillside and its hidden system within that finds a way through the rock wall. Perhaps crack in the sidewalk— where roller skaters once tripped. Perhaps an old car, resting out its days and giving out its parts. Perhaps graffiti art, something new on something forgotten.

Snap a photo [without identifying details] and begin a list of all you think of as you pass by it each day and look anew now. From that list, capture some small truth of this small part of the world.