Small Things: Binder

Writing Inspiration

Today I continue my “small poems about small things” journey. These little binder clips in all sizes do so much more than bind photos and documents together. They come in handy for a quick fix for many little problems.

When my granddaughter painted one of our sycamore leaves as a fairy, the binder held it gently as a hook to hang on the wall.

When the picture frame fell [a cat story] and broke, I grabbed three binders and clipped the unbroken glass, picture, and backing together and hung it back up, waiting for the new frame.

When my curtains hung too long behind the desk, I folded them up and used large binders to hold the new binder-held hem— that no one can see. That sewing job may never happen. 🙂

I learned inventive solutions from my dad, who had a knack for a quick solution, waiting until after the fishing trip to finish the fix. Sure. 🙂

But the little binder clip, so versatile became the idea for a poem.

Writing Process

I made a list— of ideas, for a word bank:

  • Binder
  • Binds
  • Clips
  • Metal
  • Spring Tight
  • Grips
  • Holds
  • Together
  • Papers
  • Documents
  • Postcards
  • Pistachios
  • Curtains
  • Picture Hanger

Next I started a poem describing briefly the binder’s original purpose. I then wrote lines of the creative solutions the binders helped me with— deciding to rearrange them in a reverse format of the first verse— starting with the last word “tight” and then building the strange binding solutions to end with the beginning, “binding all.”



Binding all
In spring held grip
Papers, Photos

Closed the pistachio bag
Hook to hang grandkid painted leaves
Clip and hook holding broken picture frame
Binding All

Sheri Edwards
041822 109.365.22

Your Turn

Take a look at small poems of Valerie Worth in her many collections of Small Poems. Look around you for a “small thing.” Create a word bank of describing words: looks, actions, possibilities. Create a small poem.