Binder of Fairy Smiles

Writing Inspiration

Yesterday’s poem captures a series of alternative uses for the wonderful invention of the binder clip. Today I share it’s ability to hold memories as this little pair of fairy wings sits above my desk in view and loved at any moment. I knew I needed a poem to express this piece of art held by the simple binder clip.

Writing Process

So, I created a table with each row a line of the poem and inserted yesterday’s poem from which I’d move from those general ideas to those more specific to my little memory. Here’s what it looks like:



Binding memento
cannot let go
fairy wings

and so
granddaughter’s smile
within her dangling art
a leaf turned fairy
bound memory

Sheri Edwards
041922 110.365.22

Your Turn

Take an older poem and create a similar table. Revise the poem to better express your emotion or vision, or change it to another emotion or vision. Working together with a friend — each on your own poems— but in conversation and construction with each other often helps inspire ideas to create a totally new version.