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Writing Inspiration

Today’s Daily Create— to write an “I was Today Years Old When…” spurred a memory of a time about two weeks ago on one of our weekend drives when I had blurted out one of those.

Driving along Banks Lake on a calm and sunny day with only a few cumulous clouds floating, the lake was like glass and totally blue with dots of white clouds like the picture above. And then I remembered and blurted out, “I am 72 years old and just remembering that the rivers and lakes are blue because they reflect the sky above them.” Duh.

So that, of course, became my Daily Create and my poem for the day.

Writing Process

I imagined the earth spinning on it’s axis in space, orbiting the sun that always shines upon it, and wrapped in rivers reflecting the wonder of the blue sky, the heavens, above them. 

At first, I added the poem to the same picture above, but I knew I’d have a picture of a river. And I found a river and some art based on it:

But then I found another poem I’d written on a similar topic in 2015:

So I searched through my photos and thought my way to today’s haiku on the Planet Blue:

I color coded my thoughts with the words to express them, choosing, as you’ve noticed in my process explanations, words with similar sounds in ways that meet the syllable restriction— although those rules can always be broken. I hope the little bit of this process helps you to take the moments of your day and write a way to share and remember them.



Planet blue spins with
heavenly skies found mirrored
in ribbons ‘round it.

Sheri Edwards
033022 090.365.22

Your Turn

Take a look outside. Snap a picture. Now imagine it from space. What would it look like? I saw ribbons wrapping the earth reflecting the sky. Do you see rectangular creatures crowded together [buildings]? Puffs of giant moss meandering alongside a waterway [trees]? You can find images from satellites here to help you. Check for restrictions on image use.

Perhaps add your own art work based on your poetry and the image. You’ll get a great start for Earth Day!


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