Slice of Life Spring Joyous Wonder

Writing Inspiration

My CLmooc friends doodle every day. Today’s prompts from Lisa Bardot’s #makingarteveryday continues the monthly focus of “Grow” with the theme of “Grow Your Style” and today’s project is “one thing – two ways.” We create two illustrations of the same object in two different ways or styles.

I chose comic/pop art and cubism styles to illustrate daffodils, with the help of Lisa’s Art Styles website. Above is the pop art / comic and here as the abstract/cubism:

Brushes: Lisa Bardot Brushes: Midcentury, Scratchy Art, and Imperfect Patterns; Procreate Decimals

This inspired my poetry today, which was inspired by my friend Charlene’s post for Slice of Life, which applied a 5-4-3-2-1 format. I loved how her post’s format / reflection explained how joy, family, and Earth’s bounty fulfill her life. Thank you, Charlene!

So I considered making up a poem based on my modified format, the numbers representing the number of words in each line, and each line presenting a different facet of the moment of the included picture of daffodils:


5 words: explain this moment
4 words: share what had passed before
3 words: what’s next
2 words: of action
1 word: emotion

Writing Process

As I began the daffodil poem, I also found cute pics and videos of our kitten, so I decided to also write her poem but in reverse  order with a picture of my kitten in the daffodils. Here’s a bit of my thinking for the word choice for each of the 5-4-3-2-1 format poems:


Spring’s Joyous Wonder

Spring daffodils declare each morning
Shedding winter’s dull brown
Inviting bumble bees
To dance

Pausing, pouncing
Kitten’s swat misses
Bumble bee exploring daffodils,
Spring’s creatures bloom each morning.

Sheri Edwards
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Your Turn

Make your own format. What would you choose for 5-4-3-2-1 format? Words per line? Syllables per line? What context would you want for each line? Setting, character, problem, solution, action, emotion, reaction? It’s up to you. Would you want a picture? Gif? Art? Music? Video to accompany your new poetic format?


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