Slice of Life Nature Decides

Writing Inspiration

Spring is late and these early buds may become food for the mule deer still foraging for whatever they may find to eat as they amble through our small town. If the branch is too low, these buds will be nibbled off by the deer, who can stand pretty tall if they want to. Since I love both the tree and the deer, I’ll let nature decide.

Writing Process

This moment in time, this choice is perfect for a haiku. I chose to write it as a question. I considered explaining the choice by writing a tanka [57577 line/syllable pattern], but decided the simplicity of the question a better fit for a haiku, letting the reader finish the story of nature’s world.


A tree, A deer, Late Spring

Is the fresh green bud
far enough above the still
wintry ground and deer?

Sheri Edwards
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Your Turn

Take a look around and wonder. When will the flowers bloom? Will the neighbor’s dog finally dig out beneath his fence? Will the chickadee win over the cat? Will my little brother take his first steps?