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Writing Inspiration

Yesterday, as I wrote my morning poem about the lack of spring blossoms of renewal and hope, these little crocus popped up in the park to our joy for our walk later that day.

That paragraph is a poem:

as I wrote 
my morning poem 
about the lack 
of spring blossoms 
of renewal and hope, 
these little crocus 
popped up 
in the park 
to our joy 
for our walk 
later that day.

Anyway, I snapped a photo and a video in my own sheer joy and knowing winter is done and spring has begun.

And that, I suppose, could be a poem as well.

I snapped 
a photo 
and a video 
in my own 
sheer joy 
and knowing 
winter is done 
and spring 
has begun.

Writing Process

Moments, thoughts, emotions: poetry in time and motion. As you can see in my above writings, the thoughts in your head of how you feel and what you see can be phrased and revised into a language or vision, poetry. I could take each of those paragraphs and add a picture or illustration, revise them a bit and create a better poem just from those original paragraphs.

So after our walk yesterday afternoon, I wrote my feeling of joy as winter finally gave way to spring in our little area of the world. The brown of winter, I thought, is a background to the purple crocus, the joyous announcement that spring is here. And that thought became this haiku.



Winter’s earthen brown
frames hope’s joyous announcement
as crocus calls: “Spring!”

Sheri Edwards
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Video for Poetry

Your Turn

Keep a journal, digital or analog. Take time in your busy day to pause and play with what’s around you: signs, textures, seasons, geometry, beauty, sadness, hope, purpose. Take a snapshot, a video, and notes. What do you see? What do you hope? How do you feel? Phrases or paragraphs— be the ethnographer of your own life and take those phrases into a poetic journey— perhaps in words with photos or videos. Enjoy your own thoughts. Share them with a friend. Perhaps create a plan together for your writing journeys.


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