Same Sunshine

Daily Note: March Slice of Life Day 2

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Again, our hearts hear the songs of the Ukraine fighting for their country against the invaders.

This photo is our sunflower, here in the Northwest: the arrowleaf balsamroot of the sunflowers in the aster family of flowers. It blooms in the spring and all parts of it are edible, a food of the local tribes.

When its flowers gaze up to receive the sun, those rays are from the same sun that shines on the sunflowers of the Ukraine.

Same Sunshine

Singing to the sun
Sunflowers seek the blue sky
Shining on Ukraine

Sheri Edwards
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Poetry/Photography Slice of Life

Please spread hope for the people of Ukraine. Here’s an article in the Seattle Times of how you can help. Update: And an article How to Talk to Kids about Ukraine.

Writing Tips

Write about something familiar that connects you to something different.

In the world around us, we see all the things different– but if we look closer we find also that which makes us human is what is similar. Look for the things you love– like our local sunflowers. Perhaps a dance or a song. Maybe a book. Perhaps a hobby or favorite place to walk. Then look around at what you’ve considered different, and see if that which you love – or something similar — is appreciated also in that difference.

I remember my students working with another class– in Google Docs collaborations that compared our two places– northwest USA and southeast USA. Both classes were pleased that, though from different places, they also liked similar sports and music and other hobbies among the things that were different. There was a connection that eased understanding of one another.

Though the people of Ukraine speak a different language with different customs and perhaps religions, their national flower is the sunflower. And so we are connected, these sunflowers I love and the sunflowers they love. We have something in common. Write about that connection, as I have done in my haiku. My sunflowers gather the same sun-rays that also fall on the sunflowers of Ukraine.


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  1. Sunflowers are some of my favorites. I’m glad you’re still writing, Sheri. Thank you for sharing with us – you bring me some peace.

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