WriteOut Poetry When Trees Talk

Tree Talk

Mother Maple, when the coolness created colors

of yellow and red across all her outstretched limbs,

waited for the wind to pull the colors to fly far and wide

with swirling seeds twirling along in the whir before winter,

singing to her brothers and sisters

“let loose the last of today

and sow the seeds for life tomorrow.”

Sheri Edwards

Today’s poetry for  #writeout is about how trees communicate with one another. Scientists think they do so through the fungi underground within their root system. The prompt today is “What would trees say to each other?”

This photograph from yesterday, continues with the theme of wind through the trees. Enjoy my poem about the tree’s release and blessings given for our future tomorrows in a song to its neighbors to do so too.

To encourage us to consider and observe nature, this prompt is inspired by this National Park Service video from Sequoia National Park. See the prompt here.


Where will you walk and observe tomorrow?



#writeoutWrite Out is an October writing project by the National Writing Project. This year’s theme, Stories Around the Campfire, connects to the National Park Service theme for October. Here’s an introduction to get ready for the many ways and prompts in which you may get involved.

You don’t need a national park or a park– you just need a window to look outside. Or your backyard or front stoop. A local park is nice, or a spot in the wilds. All you need is a glance outside and reflection into the wonder of nature.