Thinking of Mother

As my son always write frequently on Mothers Day, “Mutha, there is no otha,” quoting Mr T.

Hearts full of love and fear and worry, encouraging children forward, that’s what mothers are. Each, in their own way, in their own time, as they can. Life is hard, and not everyone has the luxury to always be the best. Love is unconditional from mothers, and that is what must be returned.

My mother, long ago passed away, had a difficult childhood, losing her mother, not to death, but to another demon. Luckily, she had siblings and a father who kept the family moving forward. I am glad for learning how to accept others, as she needed to accept her own mother– we do not know the hurts that some hold within, and accepting what is, and loving them just the same, is the family thing to do, the human thing to do. Our lonely hearts, clouded sometimes by the world’s harshness, still love.

What did you create today for your mother?  So many things:

  • a smile
  • a note
  • a card
  • a drawing
  • flowers
  • dandelions
  • chores
  • a text
  • a phone call
  • a video
  • a song
  • a tune
  • a nod that says, I love you.

About the Art:

Today I found a “how to” on Instagram by “createwithprocreate.” I turned the idea into a Happy Mothers’ Day sticker for my mom and my daughters-in-law.

You can do it to, with ProCreate or another app:  Easy Flower Wreath Tutorial

Mine is here: