#clmooc #middleschool Inspiration

  Inspiration is all around. One place is #clmooc. That is a Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration. I was involved as a participant and as part of the support team. Read about my #clmooc experience and learn about Connected Learning. It really isn’t anything Continue reading #clmooc #middleschool Inspiration

#clmooc #k6diglit Invitation to Stay Connected

Margaret Simon asks a question: Tapping Student Connections How do we tap into student interests and create online learning environments for them to connect to and learn from?  That is the question for DigLit Sunday bloggers from Margaret Simon.  And Continue reading #clmooc #k6diglit Invitation to Stay Connected

#clmooc Play Revision

REVISING a Blog I Started Last Year Revision Steps — ideas so far 1.  Starting: A reflection and revision of my work last year in the post: Play is the Game 2. Adding Meme Activities to Connect2Learn Blog a. Memes Continue reading #clmooc Play Revision

#clmooc Play is the game

Play / Collaboration Play is the game, and collaboration is the strategy. Mindshift’s Jordan Shapiro article reiterates this: Play is useful because it simulates real life experience — physical, emotional, and/or intellectual — in a safe, iterative and social environment, not Continue reading #clmooc Play is the game

Curate Annotate Future #clmooc Final Make

Thank you again to the participants and facilitators of #clmooc. It’s been a connective, reflective, detective adventure. I appreciate the feedback conversations and tips to move from failure to success, and I hope I have helped others. This has been Continue reading Curate Annotate Future #clmooc Final Make