Day 49 Echo

Yesterday’s email included a poem in a zine — a booklet created on one piece of paper:

How To Make a Zine

My friend Wendy [@wentale] drew and wrote the poem as a zine— a lovely poem called “ECHO.” In return, I remixed her poem as a “lifted line” poem, using her poem to create a new one, an echo of her words.

An Echo

Echo of a Dusty Leaf


Dusty leaf




shout nothing:

lifted whisper

that wish

calm with grace.

After coloring her zine, I filmed myself turning her pages while reading my lifted lines, as a thank you to my friend.


Wendy and I are part of a collaborative group called CLmooc, and one of our favorite activities is sending occasional postcards.

Imagine my surprise and joy at receiving such an awesome gift — a drawing and poem by a friend.  Thanks so much Wendy!

Now, give it a try yourself?


Go ahead — create your own zine — here’s how– just save the image [larger version on Flickr here] and follow the directions.

Your zine can be a comic, a story, a poem, a series of drawings, a list of questions you want answered. The ideas are endless.