Today, in the afternoon we hopped in the car to catch the sunshine shadows at the Dunes– an ORV park south of Moses Lake. We always knew it was there, and on Friday, while driving to an out-of-the-way excellent restaurant, our Siri Maps guided us by the park. So today, we returned, hoping to see at a higher elevation than we could, since we are not on an ORV [off road vehicle].

But you get the idea: the 3000 acres of sand dunes go on and on and on.

And throughout the “unrevved” dunes, the wind leaves ripples of its presence:

One would think we would be there for  the ORV stuff, but no. We wondered,

“What lives here besides the scrub brush in spots?”

Because we know that “life finds a way”–

Deer pass this way:

A critter lives here:

A story unfolds here:

Tiny footprints — what could be so small?

And above, geese migrate south:

So, wherever you travel, look for the little things.

We did.

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