Bright on Concrete

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One part of  #writeout sponsored by the National Writing Project and the National Park Service is the sharing of photography, photos, or other media in a prompt of the day at The Daily Connector. The  #writeout project is for everyone who loves to get outdoors and notice the stories of nature and the connections we humans have with that nature.  Learn more about the project here: NWP Writeout.

And, after today, if you need a prompt for blogging, check out The Daily Connector.

Today’s prompt is “Bright on Concrete,” for which my doodle is:

It’s based on the lovely yellow sycamore and red cherry leaves that fall onto our sidewalk in the autumn.

Doodles and photos of your world share a bit of yourself and connect your world with others. Some people live where the vegetation is green all year– it’s a joy for them to see this changing view, and I love seeing the green in their world that is the opposite of mine.

So, keep taking your photos and videos with your smartphones — you never know when or what will  inspire your creativity or make a connection with others.


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