Heart Compass

A heart compass is a guide from the heart, spiraling to connect, learn, and grow with the sun shining and showing a rainbow of wonder in our experiences, and twirling a tendril of self tucked back in to hold close that which is dear to one’s heart. Evolving over the years for my characters in NaNoWriMo, it, of course, reflects my own self, my own beliefs guiding my life. In the triangles see also the air and water, the earth,  the fire energy, and the people. The yellow circles are  the directions, and often become more, according to the reflection needed that day. So the heart compass captures the connections made from experiences and considers them while planning a course of action.

It represents my becoming and my reality, with all the connections spiraling around and stretching out within an existence and relationship to everything else. It is me, a being, being: onto-.

I write science fantasies, and my characters develop their own amulets based on their experiences and beliefs founded in those of their clans. They grow and develop with their characters, and I enjoy writing them and doodling them into being, creating a world where readers accept their ontology.

What is that word: ontology?

I’m still fuzzy, but when Anna used the word in her blog post and Kevin put that in Hypothis.is, we discussed it somewhat while also developing short writings on adjacent possibles from that and other words that Anna used. Hop on over to read our stories and her post and join in.

Anyway, as I read the definition that Kevin shared, I immediately thought of my heart compass, that which guides existence. We all have one; it’s what proves our ontology: that we exist.

It reminded me of this doodle:

We are connected, always, in one way or another. And each connection is a pathway that we choose to take or leave, adding to our being or not. And even the nots have meaning. Even the nots make our being important. Because we can choose our existence, create our being, in kindness.

So what is your heart compass?

What does yours look like?

How does it guide your being?

And stay tuned for Tuesday’s Slice of Life for other “stories” from Anna and Kevin’s Excellent Adventure.

And from the Clan of Tosh:

EL’m-ent-um Wholos

we are part and we are whole; we are together

WC: 401

Day 19

This post is part of a 30-day challenge to reflectively write and post at least 150 words with the hashtag #modigiwri, which started with Anna here. Join us and here goes!

I’ve also joined the #blogging28 challenge by Edublogs, thanks to Denise’s tweet.


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  1. Would it help if I said that ontology is the theory of what there is – compared with epistemology, which is the theory of how we know?

    • Hi Sarah, Yes, it does. Existence, I got that, but this clarifies a little. I’m sure my grandson-in-law would know since he teaches philosophy. A conversation we may have within the next week. Thank you for helping me understand. 🙂 ~ Sheri

      • Kevin, I love all the resources that come from your heart. I love how thinglinks do that — lead us on an adventure of discovery. I do love the digital for those possibilities. Thanks for creating your heart map and referring to Georgia Heard’s Heart Map. I have Awakening the Heart and taught from that, so am glad for more ideas from her. I love how our “remix” shows how what we might “assign” can be so much more, if we allow students the chance to work from their hearts too! ~ Sheri

    • Awesome, Kevin! I’m going to adapt these for our summer family gathering too. I’ve been encouraging reflective doodling with my family, and this fits well with our progress. Thanks for sharing– I’ll share with my teacher colleagues as well. Great resource. ~ Sheri

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